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LEARNING: More Important Then Ever


I am astounded how people seem to have an aversion to reading non-fiction materials these days. Stephen King, Agatha Christie, J.K. Rowling, John Grisham and Margaret Atwood are names of authors that may sound familiar. How about Seth Godin, David Newman, Don Hutson, Dr. Jeffrey Lant. Not so much I bet.

A recent study indicates that 70% of our high school graduates head off to college. Of those who give higher learning a shot, a little over 50% graduate from college in four years. (The percentage is higher for those who take longer to complete their degree’s requirements.)

It seems to me, however, that once a job is attained, permission is granted to stop learning. There is an old saying that states: A year from now you will be the same person you are today except for the people you meet and the books you read.

I will concur that taking a ride to your local Barnes and Noble may still sound like a trek to you, although that option has been temporarily removed from your list of daily activities. But Amazon is ready and eager to deliver your next educational resource to your doorstep in less than a click of a button.

What is it about learning that rubs you the wrong way? The unknown and unfamiliar content? The small print? The number of pages? The fact that you have to slow down, sit down and pay attention? Other?

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The truth of the matter is that the world is not the same place you were introduced to it back in your graduation days. People in general are smarter and more aware of their options. When speaking of growing a business, upselling, closing, overcoming objections and your sales ‘pitch’ are virtually non-words. Your historic “gift-of-gab” is an insult of the highest degree and if you endorse the old ABC’s of selling you have no hope of succeeding. (Always Be Closing.)

Today is a new day with new challenges and a whole bunch of new options.

When I suggest learning as an ongoing hobby, I am fast to include seminars, webinars, online classes, books, booklets and audio programs. The media options are numerous. The end result is what counts. The need to learn has never been greater.

Here is another novel idea as it pertains to learning. As long as you are hearing the sound of your own voice, you are not learning anything new. A learning strategy that works is to get the other person talking and then keep them talking. You will be absolutely amazed how much you will learn from others. Much of what you hear will be confirmation. Much of what you learn will be new and exciting.

Here is my Two-Step approach for your future success: Keep learning. Stop talking.


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