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One Step at a Time


Page 169 of the book Momentum Builders by John Mason states: “The quickest way to get a lot of things accomplished is to do just one thing at a time.” Upon reading this passage, my mind shot to the concept of Kaizen which is the Japanese term meaning incremental improvement.

Do you want to hear this message as your parents heard it? “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” How true it is. One more to drive today’s point home. “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” (I’m done.)

The feeling of being overwhelmed in this day of electronic gizmos, multitasking, remote controls, and running in circles at the office or at home and bragging about being burnt out and stressed to the max does not make front-page news anymore. It has become the norm. We get it. You are overworked and under paid. Nobody appreciates you and you are heading for your 19th nervous breakdown. (Rolling Stones, 1966)

You can continue to justify your current state of affairs (and make no forward progress) or you can come to grips with the situation and introduce a little emotional intelligence and adopt the turtle’s strategy of consistent progress – albeit a tad slow at times.

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One step at a time; little by little; task by task; item by item; day by day.

The secret, if there is one, is to clearly identify the goal and then move toward it with regularity. Do everything you can before moving onto job #2. The hidden ingredient is word spelled DISCIPLINE. Unfortunately, this is a foreign concept to most people.

And before leaving you today, I will share with you a lesson I learned while training for the Ironman back in 1997: ‘THE MIND QUITS FIRST.” Keep moving toward that goal, one step at a time.


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