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A Burgeoning Travel Technology


The travel industry has seen unprecedented changes in the last couple of weeks. A pandemic we did not expect, nor were prepared for, has the industry holding its breath. But this doesn’t mean the industry has to halt altogether. In fact, Travel World VR has a product that comes into the current picture with a virtual experience to help scratch that travel itch and get travelers ready for the future.

Travel World VR, a part of the Perillo Tours group, is an award-winning leader in video production and distribution. Read the rest of this entry »


This was the tile of a song I once heard, and it immediately caught my attention. It is a very interesting question. And I think if you were honest with yourself your answer would sound like, “A lot more than I am accomplishing now.”

This leads me to my follow up question: Knowing that your failures never have, and never will result in a life-threatening situation, why aren’t you attempting more of whatever it is you do to make a living? I think I know the answer. Because you are afraid of failure, rejection or embarrassment. Am I right? Read the rest of this entry »


We’re just looking.”

What would you give to hear that today?

In a non-pandemic world, most salespeople would hear that and wince. Unless you’re selling booze or bath tissue, I bet you’d give anything for a few good tire-kickers right now.

Sorta makes you appreciate all those walk-ins that you typically classified as time-wasters. That’s my point. Read the rest of this entry »


There are only three things that can happen when you meet people for the first time. They can feel better having met you, they can feel worse having met you, or the fact that they met you did not sway their opinion of you one-way or the other.

I don’t believe anybody thinks about these three options when being introduced to a stranger. They just go with the flow, and let the cards fall where they may. This is not the way that helps position you as the future go-to resource.

Your strategy is to act, do, and say Read the rest of this entry »