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Playing to The Wrong Audience


It happened to me again this week and I am sure it happens to you on occasion. It is when some form of negative critique enters your world, and you allow it to settle in your head and tosses you into defensive mode.

I suppose it is part of the human condition, but that does not mean you should allow it to alter your forward progress. It occurs when that one isolated comment is interpreted as less than stellar. In most cases, it comes as an opinion.

Although you may receive 30 positive reviews, it is that one negative review that gets your attention and ruins your day. And even knowing better, you allow it to do so.

In travel, it may come as one complaint out of 50 positive itineraries. In the speaking business, it may come from row 27, seat 4 from a disgruntled audience member.

Whether they are having a bad hair-day or not is immaterial.  Negative comments manage to pierce through one’s armor and we soon see that we may not be “bullet-proof” after all. Negative comments hurt.

So, if this is inevitable (and it is indeed inevitable), what is one to do?

First, it is probably a good idea to pause long enough to determine if indeed the negative comment is legitimate. Maybe they just did you a favor.

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First, you must remind yourself, (and listen to yourself) that no truer words have ever been spoken: “YOU CAN’T BE ALL THINGS TO ALL PEOPLE.”

There are a few folks out there that will not appreciate you or the service you provide regardless of what you do. (YOU MUST BELIEVE THIS.)

I often wonder how an NFL Quarterback must feel when reading what an awful athlete he is after losing a game the day before. Regardless of the score, he still happens to be one of the best in the business, yet he has to read how lousy he is. The writer probably doesn’t even know him that well. If he reacts negatively to this unknown’s comment, I would think less of him.

The same holds true with you and it holds true with me. We are who we are, and we are as good as we are. To allow a single comment to throw us off track, if even for just a few minutes, is time poorly spent. We need every minute we have to get even better at what we do. After all, next Sunday is another game we have to prove our worth.

Although I might have taken a circuitous route to get here, today’s message is this:

DON’T PLAY TO THE WRONG AUDIENCE. There are too many people who appreciate your value and need your focused attention. You do not have a minute to spare on isolated instances. Focus on those people in your world who count.


Mike Marchev

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