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I have always reminded seminar attendees that “speed wins.” Speed wins in horse racing, car racing, triathlons, and in business.

Let me address you quick thinkers out there who are conjuring up an old quote that reminds us that “Haste Makes Waste.” I will immediately counter with “He who hesitates is lost.” Your turn.

To avoid 350 words of tit for tat, allow me to assume control of this article again. I’m not talking about rushing in to make foolish, uncaring mistakes. I am talking about paying close attention to the person carrying the wallet and who is directly responsible for your future eating habits. At the risk of insulting you, I will once again remind you that customers are good things.

Nothing confirms my importance to you than a returned my phone call… three days later. Nothing paints a more negative picture than when you say you are going to do something for me and fail to do so in a timely fashion. Please read the following sentence slow enough so it can be imbued in your subconscious: People are drawn to the people who show a sincere interest in them. And here is the bottom line. You show interest in people…. by showing interest in people. Pretty deep, eh? I will go one step further. Show sincere interest in people sooner, rather than later. The operative word in my last sentence is “operative.” People can spot a fake from 700 yards.

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Don’t worry. I have no intention of leaving you hanging. Here are a few areas where you can speed up your response time and therefore speed up your chances for success.

  1. Answer the phone by the second ring.
  2. Respond to email inquiries within one hour of receipt.
  3. Be quick(er) to contact prospects letting them know you are “on the case.”
  4. Send out sincere thank you notes to clients “every” Friday.
  5. Never defend your actions. Focus on fixing the problem.
  6. Pay your bills on time and always include a handwritten note if possible.

In my next missive, I will focus on the importance of FOCUS.


Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev is always looking for a few more proactive travel professionals to join his Sales and Marketing Club. Send for details.


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