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The “Pause”


There has been a lot of print these days about maintaining and establishing relationships. Yet, I see one enormous opportunity squandered daily as people continue to respond to emails too quickly as far as I am concerned.

Pausing long enough to think about and type a few more descriptive adjectives and heart-felt feelings in your emails will serve you well in the long run. I will attempt to drive this point home with an example. This email popped into my inbox yesterday.


Incoming email: “Thank you Mike for today’s webinar! We met long ago – in Reno for ASTA Global Convention – in the airport shuttle. I enjoyed your seminars! Chris S.” (It is important to note that I do not know this person personally.)

Response Choice A: “Thank you. That was a fun event. All the best.”

Response B: “Thank you, Chris. Ah Reno! Seems like just yesterday. Time does fly, doesn’t it? Stay safe Chris and thank you for taking the time to contact me. All the best to you moving forward during these trying times. Mike.”

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10 words vs 38 words, plus the use of a first name, one underline and a reference in bold.

Simple? I think so. Effective? Choice “B” has a better chance of resulting in a favorable opinion of a person you don’t know.

And, while I have you, here is a suggestion I hope you can implement at once. In every single email you write from this moment forward, make every attempt to include the name of the recipient in the first sentence. Chances are you will choose not to do this in the interest of time.

You will also be making a HUGE error of omission and missing a bigger opportunity to establish a meaningful relationship.

Mike Marchev

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