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Time is Not on Our Side


Contrary to what the Rolling Stones might think in song, “Time is not on our side.”

In fact, “time” is passing us by faster than we could ever imagine. And the truth is that we will soon be out in front of this crisis looking back over our shoulders at the “old” days. (Remember 9/11?)

If anybody for a minute thinks I am minimizing the severity of what we are all going through, you are sadly mistaken. We are experiencing a huge catastrophe. But the hours are turning into days, and the days into weeks.

You may not be feeling it today, but better days will soon be knocking… maybe not exactly like before… but life will still be worth living.

The question is: “How are you preparing yourself for the days to come? Are you reading? Exercising? Researching? Studying? Thinking? Polishing? Editing? Writing? Practicing? Rehearsing? Resting? Re-building? I don’t mean tomorrow. I mean today.

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There is no right answer to how one gets ready for things to come. The secret is to use the time you have to your best advantage. DO SOMETHING.

This crisis will soon be over and the words I never want to hear from you are: “I should have… while I had the time.”


Mike Marchev

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