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What Would You Do If You Knew You Couldn’t Fail?


This was the tile of a song I once heard, and it immediately caught my attention. It is a very interesting question. And I think if you were honest with yourself your answer would sound like, “A lot more than I am accomplishing now.”

This leads me to my follow up question: Knowing that your failures never have, and never will result in a life-threatening situation, why aren’t you attempting more of whatever it is you do to make a living? I think I know the answer. Because you are afraid of failure, rejection or embarrassment. Am I right?

If you really believe that you are in position to help people, then it makes no sense to me at all that you hesitate to ask if you can help them. The absolute worst thing that could happen is they say, “No thank you.” That’s it. That is the worst thing that could happen.

To the contrary, they may say, “Yes, please.”


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If you knew that every answer to your question would be “Yes, please,” then you would lose all your bogus excuses and look from morning until night for more people to talk to.

I am not going to risk insulting you by prolonging the obvious. I am telling you in no uncertain terms that it is time that you start acting like you couldn’t fail. Your success rate will improve dramatically and you can always thank me later.


Mike Marchev

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