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When Sales Tank (And It’s Not Your Fault): Shoppers?


We’re just looking.”

What would you give to hear that today?

In a non-pandemic world, most salespeople would hear that and wince. Unless you’re selling booze or bath tissue, I bet you’d give anything for a few good tire-kickers right now.

Sorta makes you appreciate all those walk-ins that you typically classified as time-wasters. That’s my point. Unless people are throwing money at you to buy your products or services, shoppers are vital in the best and worst of times. The best-in-class salespeople make shoppers into buyers.

Who is buying now? A select few. What are they buying? A select few products and services – those that are critical or circumstantial.

Who is shopping right now? Everybody else. What are they shopping for? Everything that they’d typically be buying right now.

Overnight, we’ve gone from an economy comprised of more buyers to one comprised of more shoppers. Have you adjusted accordingly? If you are doing the same old thing this may be your swan song versus your LEADERSHIP MOMENT.

Shoppers are searching for places to shop because they have more time to look around. Will they pass you by, or stop to browse? If you tended to show little regard for them in the pre-pandemic world, they may very well drive on by.

Serving is the new Selling, as I declared in my previous message. If you’ve got the time, they’ve got the stories. Give them your time in abundance and they’ll give you their business in return. We call that reciprocity.

The best-in-class businesses are working harder than ever to elevate their online presence. Owners are increasing accessibility, showcasing availability, and demonstrating capability. This is what you do to stay obsolete-proof.

For years, I have been preaching that we should love thy shopper. When the shopper says, “just looking” – REJOICE! Remember, if you are one of many selling the same product, they’ve got a choice. Your objective is to give them every reason to stop shopping. The buck can stop right here – or over there.

Shop owners experiencing a drop in income are working diligently to ensure a pop in outcome. Strike up the band. Turn up the lights. It’s showtime! Get all those shoppers lined up outside your door.

She who rolls out the biggest welcome mat wins!



Stuart Cohen, Chief Motivation Officer at StuartLloydCohen.com

If you can think big, Stuart will help you do big! An accomplished 28-year travel industry executive turned serial solopreneur, Stuart is a creator of brands and an energizing motivational speaker. He motivates & maximizes personal performance in leadership, entrepreneurship, salesmanship & wellness.

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