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A Smile Can Go A Long Way


Today is Friday and on Monday evening, earlier this week, I was reminded of a very powerful truth. It may sound like a stretch, but I will give it a shot.

I suppose you can associate today’s message to “There are two sides to every coin,” or, “Be wary of initial impressions.”

Back story. I have never been a fan of Kanye West. This goes back to the evening he grabbed the mic from TS during a music awards ceremony to share his personal opinion on who should have won the award. Since that night, it seems every photo I see of him has a scowl on his face and he appears to be angry and resentful. I don’t like him, yet I have never met the man.

This past week, while channel surfing on Memorial Day night, his family were guests on The Family Feud TV Show. And there he was. In all his glory. Smiling like he had just been introduced as the NY Mets’ shortstop batting clean up. He looked happy. His white teeth demanded camera time. He never stopped smiling. (I did not know he had teeth before that show.) He was actually having fun and enjoying the whole process.


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I watched. I noticed. I smiled. I envisioned him as a nice man.

Today’s message serves as a reminder that behind every story there is always another story. The coin does, in fact, have to sides. And when you come across a prospect or client who appears that they hate everything about you and the world, maybe it is time for you to dial in some emotional intelligence and make an earnest attempt to see beyond the curtain.

Now, make no mistake about it. If given the opportunity, I still would not invite this chap over for dinner, but I would now be receptive to buying him a beer to better understand what the real Kanye West stands for.


Bottom Line: Your face paints a picture as to whether people want to avoid you or buy you a beer.


Mike Marchev

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