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I recently read an article from a marketing professional, whose book I once read and immediately connected with. He listed ten reasons why most people fail. For the next few days I want to focus on just four of his observations.

Let’s begin with my personal “Word of The Year.” DISCIPLINE.

“Training to ensure proper behavior,” is the #1 listing in the dictionary for this word. I am good with that. You will have to determine for yourself what specific behavior is right for you. There is no one answer for one’s behavior, although some are more admirable than others.

Training is a pivotal word as far as I am concerned. Discipline does not come naturally for most of us and it often involves many failures, setbacks, missteps and “do-overs.”

Discipline involves a focused attention and an unwavering commitment to reaching your targeted destination. Many human attributes will attempt to sabotage your progress. But, knowing and believing you have complete control over your actions will help you weather the fiercest of storms.


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I will say it again: Self-discipline will not come by accident. Discipline, in and of itself, is an exemplary attribute. It deserves your full attention and ongoing implementation.

Once you determine the behavior that will contribute to your goals and objectives, you must perform as necessary. Notice I did not say, “when you feel like it.” I said, “as necessary.” This is where discipline will enter the picture and make certain you do exactly what needs doing – like it or not.

Discipline is my personal “Word For 2020” and it has kept me on course for the first five months of the year… more times than I would like to imagine.

Write it down: Discipline.

Mike Marchev

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