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Does Anybody Care What I Say?


My guess is… sometimes… and that depends.

I was brought to my attention recently… by me… that I may be getting tired of playing the politically correct card in fear of getting a few of my readers upset.

I have given this more than just a little thought over the past few days, and I am leaning toward “opening up” my articles just a tad. Why would I want to “risk” having readers wanting to “opt-off” my list? After all, I mean well; and, like you, I would prefer to be “liked” than used as a human dartboard.

I am reminded of the dog-eared saying often heard among marketing gurus and aficionados: “If you haven’t upset somebody by noon, you are not marketing effectively.” I suppose another way of looking at this is realizing that being “wishy-washy” doesn’t pay the mortgage.

To arrive at the next level in your business may just entail a little uneasiness. Growth usually does. With that being said, you don’t want to over do it and come across as being obnoxious or arrogant.


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When I become a little “too much,” I am counting on you to rein me back in a bit and bring this flaw to my attention. As my calendar hanging in my kitchen reminds me, “If your dreams don’t scare you a little, you are not dreaming big enough. DREAM BIG. And don’t hesitate to aggravate a few people now and then.

Personally, I am not planning on going overboard or getting too edgy, but I think I might raise a few eyebrows in the days to come. We’ll see as they say, ”The proof will be in the article.” Also, a popular saying reminds us, “If the shoe fits… wear it.”

Stay tuned, hardworking travel professionals. Keep your sense of humor at all costs as I continue to keep things real while nudging you along to the next level of success.


Mike Marchev

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