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Don’t Be a Buzzkill

Tell anybody your idea, and chances are the first thing that comes out of their mouth sounds like, “The problem with that is…” Go ahead try it. It will make you laugh when you see I am right. In fact, you are probably guilty of this knee-jerk response yourself. (Shame on you.)

When it comes to creativity, I want you to pour gas on other people’s ideas and not toss a wet blanket on them. Fuel their enthusiasm. Don’t hinder the creative process.
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Here are 23 buzzkill phrases (examples) of what I do not want to hear from you:

  1. I’m not a creative person
  2. Follow the rules
  3. Don’t ask questions
  4. Don’t be different
  5. Stay within the lines
  6. There is only one way
  7. Don’t be foolish
  8. Be practical
  9. Be serious
  10. Think of your image
  11. That’s not logical
  12. It’s not practical
  13. It’s never been done
  14. It can’t be done
  15. It didn’t work for them
  16. It’s too much work
  17. We can’t afford to make a mistake
  18. It will be too hard to administer
  19. We don’t have the time
  20. We don’t have the money
  21. Yes… but
  22. Play is frivolous
  23. Failure is final

Here is what I do want to hear: TELL ME MORE.

Credit where credit is due. This list came from a book by John C. Maxwell titled HOW SUCCESSFUL PEOPLE THINK.


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