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I Can’t Listen Anymore!


One thing is for sure. There is not a shortage of training webinars and Zoom gatherings these days. This may be an indication for what we can expect in the near future.

At this very moment, I am investing one-hour of my time listening to an on-line webinar from a “professional” who I had assumed had something to offer me and my future. I can’t believe what I am hearing.

My current feelings have nothing to do with the information I am hearing, although that may have something to do with it.
 The presenter is putting me to sleep.
 I want to run out the door screaming and head straight to my couch for an afternoon snooze. Incredible.

Why am I sharing today’s angst with you? I believe whatever you do, and in whatever industry you do it in, your competition may be putting your prospects and their customers to sleep. I am finding this experience hard to believe, but perhaps I should not be surprised at all. This person is a so-called expert, specialist and popular consultant. But their communication skills need a major injection of “personality.”
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Today’s message is two-fold: First, don’t be boring. Get some exercise. Fuel your personal energy quotient. Become enthused, or you will soon be the subject of negative gossip. Message #2: Read Message #1 again, and then three more times.

I suppose I could include a third point, but you will see that it sounds like point one and two.

Your messages to your prospects and clients have a lot to do with what you have to share, but believe this, and you can take it to the bank, communication has more to do with how you say what you are trying to say. This involves the entire package: Word selection; Tone; Body Language; Meaning.

Please try to come to grips with this message. What the world does not need in these times, or any other times, is another boring person.


Mike Marchev

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