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Little By Little


Tomorrow I will wake up to another Saturday. Which, in and of itself, is a good thing. I will go straight to the living room floor for some full body stretching. (If not already, you will soon understand the need for this fundamental task once you pass the age of X.) I will move onto the kitchen for my usual boring breakfast. A bowl of cereal with fruit, accompanied by a cup of yogurt.

Since I biked 25 miles today, my legs will undoubtedly feel a tad sore tomorrow; so, I’ve decide to designate this particular Saturday as a “day of rest.” I will remind myself that “the mind quits first,” and reluctantly go outside and run a few miles.

Why am I sharing this with you today? Because if you don’t have a goal for your life, each day will just turn your Saturdays into just another day. I have a goal set for October 3rd. Mine consists of a 70.3 Ironman Triathlon endurance race in Memphis.

I know if I don’t control my mind each and every day and do “something” to prepare adequately for the starting gun, I will be one sorry ex-athlete come race day. Do I want to ride 25 miles in 85-degree weather with the sun beating on my shoulders? No, I do not. Do I want to run 2-5 miles with two aching thighs? Nope. And I have another five months to prepare. (1-mile swim / 56-mile bike / 13-mile run)

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Tomorrow will probably be Saturday where you are. What are you planning to do to prepare for what the future has in store for you? If you have not identified a goal for yourself, the answer will probably be “nothing.”

I suppose the secret is to select a goal that is not too much of a stretch. I am reminded of a Peanuts comic strip with Charlie Brown playing baseball and striking out before telling Lucy, “I will never be good enough to play professional baseball.” Lucy replied, “Charlie Brown, the problem is your goal is not realistic. You need to pick a goal that you can achieve with some focused effort. Like walking to the mound without falling down.”

So it is with your future goals. Pick one that is not beyond your extended reach. Not too easy. Not too difficult. When you reach your goal (mound) in good order, you can then choose another goal. Soon you will be ready for the majors… and I will be crossing the finish line without having to call for an EMT.

Mike Marchev

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