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My 12 Word Marketing Plan (The Cliff Note Version)


Yesterday, I asked you to request the full-blown copy of my Special Report titled My 12-Word Marketing Plan. Send me an email with the number 12 in the subject box and get ready for a blinding flash of the obvious. (Well worth your time to read.)

I promised you the Cliff Notes version today. Here it is.

Are you ready to get down to business? You may have spent some time devising specific goals and actions to guide you through the rest of this pandemic and through the rest of the year. You have likely reviewed your progress to analyze what has actually happened to your business and what recently went wrong. Chances are, you tossed your excuses outwardly. (You are in good company.)

All human moves. But, let me see if I can simplify the task at hand and help you to move forward.

FACT: You can think about the past… but ONLY if you make a concerted effort to learn from it… and do something with what you have learned… positively. I suggest that you give this portion of your thoughts no more than 10 % of your time. Think. Reflect. Learn. Make course corrections.

FACT: You can do everything about the future.

Here is my gift to you. Of course, it is simple. I know of no other way. Of course, it will work for you… if you give it an honest shot. And yes, my advice consists of only 12 words. Many of you have heard these already. Most of you still have not done anything with these words. But that is all about to change… right?

Get up! Get out! And make more people glad they know you.

Let’s break these twelve words down into bite-size chunks:

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Get up. This means you have to do something. This means you have to overcome inertia in favor of some proactive motion. Step 1: Stand up. Get your body moving.

Get out. This infers that you need to change the scenery. You must change direction. You must remove yourself from your current comfort zone. (Easier said than done.) Go ahead. You can do it. Stick your neck out just a little bit further. Brace yourself for the changes soon to be challenging you.

Make people glad. You have all heard this one. There are only three outcomes resulting from your presence. People can feel better, neutral or worse for having met you. Make people feel good about themselves following your introduction.

The sad news is that many good people in the travel industry are waiting for COVID-19 to become a distant memory so the world will be right again. This is like putting the cart before the horse. Your future is up to you. Don’t wish and hope that your future will turn out as you would like it to turn out. Make it your business to grow your life and your business… by design… with focused action.

If you don’t know what to do… do something.

Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev is always looking for a few more proactive travel professionals to join his Sales and Marketing Club. Send for details.

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