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Poland’s #CityWillWait Campaign


The current situation in the travel industry is a tense one, a waiting game without a certain end. Travel Advisors, Suppliers, and Consolidators are all handling this in different ways. Some are simply lying back, ready to rock when the travel bans are lifted and COVID-19 has passed. Others are brainstorming, getting creative with their current approach to marketing. The latter is where the #CityWillWait Campaign, created by the cities of Poland, comes into the picture.

Promoted by the Polish Tourism Organization, and initiated by the local tourism organizations of Gdańsk, Łódź, Poznań, and Warszawa, the #CityWillWait campaign has started the hashtag to increase visibility of Polish destinations using modern marketing. Their message is clear: ‘ The #CityWillWait drive is a promise and a reminder that these Polish cities will be ready and waiting for visitors once it is safe to travel again.’ In uncertain times, this kind of reassurance can be instrumental in reminding people of the wonders and awe-inspiring experiences that await them.

Top view on Gdansk old town and Motlawa river, Poland at sunset.

The campaign consists of highlighting the sites of that particular city for future visitors. These include museums, cultural centers, entertainment venues, parks and recreation, and lodging. They offer the traveler a peak of the real thing with online images, panoramic maps, and promotional movies. Along with those mediums, certain sites are available in the format of virtual reality tours to immerse the traveler in a destination far away, now seemingly at their fingertips – a rising trend to entice the traveler with just a small taste of what awaits them.


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Judging by the alluring posts and media up so far, it won’t be very difficult for Poland to attract more travelers in the future. Whether it be the Baltic Coast port city of Gdansk, with its mixture of Polish and international architecture, or Lodz, with its current reinvention of the city, Poland has much to offer the traveler.

View of Freedom Square, The city of Lodz, Poland

#CityWillWait is a reminder that once this pandemic has subsided there will be resurgence in travel. Our human nature of wandering, the need to “getaway”, and learning about other’s cultures guarantees this to be true. It’s just a matter time. Poland’s headstart into the upcoming surge of travel will serve them well. And it would serve us all well to remind the world the benefits of experiencing the nuances of this planet firsthand – even if the cities have to wait.


For more information on how the cities of Poland are promoting their sites:


#GdanskWillWait- https://visitgdansk.com/en/ | www.facebook.com/visitgdansk.official | www.instagram.com/visit_gdansk_official

#LublinWillWait- https://lublin.eu/en/ | https://www.facebook.com/turystycznylublin | https://www.instagram.com/turystycznylublin/

#ŁódźWillWait- https://lodz.travel/en/ | https://www.instagram.com/lodz.travel/

#PoznanWillWait- http://www.poznan.travel/en/ | www.facebook.com/Poznan.travel | www.instagram.com/poznan.travel

#WarsawWillWait- https://wot.waw.pl/english/ | https://www.facebook.com/WarszawskaOrganizacjaTurystyczna

#TorunPoczeka- https://www.torun.pl/en | www.facebook.com/LokalnaOrganizacjaTurystycznaTorun

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