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Testimonials Are Powerful Things


Recently, I found myself flipping through the restaurant review section of my local newspaper and I spotted one “food joint” where I thought I would like to try for an upcoming night out. I had heard a few good things from friends and felt comfortable in my decision to call and make a reservation for the next date-night with my wife Barbara. I began reading the reviews thinking that they were only going to reinforce my decision. I was wrong – very, very wrong.

The first review changed my thinking 180 degrees. I’m not saying that the review itself was right or wrong. There was no way to tell. All I am saying is that it caused me to rethink my initial decision.

So, what was the problem? There was more than one negative reference in the paper regarding the maître’d, the food, and the table service. This was enough for me to reconsider even though the food critic apparently loved the location.

For years, we have heard that negative news travels faster and a lot further than good news. And here, in black and white, that theory was proving itself out.

Based on the review, a betting person would likely avoid this place. Granted, the negative review may not be fair, justified or even accurate to any degree whatsoever. But the fact remains that I did read it; and it did affect my final decision. I certainly was going to think twice (at least twice) before investing a bunch of money on an important event, at an unknown restaurant. Sorry! That’s just how things work.

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You can’t afford negative feedback to effect your future. You need favorable reports. Good reviews. Good feedback. Good vibes. Happy feelings. Seek them out! If you send 50 people a year on a trip, my guess is you have close to 50 good reviews on the horizon. Go get them!

Rest assured, any bad news or bad opinions can and will be shared. Chances are they will be listened to and when that happens, it will put a crimp in your bottom line.

Whether they be good or bad, make no mistake about it: Testimonials are powerful things. Work diligently to make sure yours are “good ones.”

Mike Marchev

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