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Familiarity Breeds Contempt

Funny thing about familiarity. In last week’s memo, I marveled at the fact that we just launched two men into space. They are having breakfast somewhere high above our heads going 25-bazillion mph with a view to die for. My question regarding this phenomenal feat, “In the past seven days, how much news time was devoted to this mind-blowing event?

Just like we are used to successful space shots, we are growing familiar with wearing masks around town. But, just like the many people who don’t give The International Space Station a second thought, many people feel (via familiarity) that they no longer need to show the courtesy (and intelligence) of donning a face covering. (We are not out of the woods quite yet.)

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Many agents are becoming familiar with their current activities as it relates to refraining from any activity related to promoting their businesses. And this is as it should have been. The danger confronting us all is a failure to get our MOJO’s back. Many have become lethargic and, may I even insinuate, a tad bit lazy when it comes to maintaining visibility and initiating any proactivity. A lack of motivation appears to be rising its ugly head according to the word on the street.
I am not inferring that you become aggressive, pushy, manipulative or overbearing. I just want to return to some semblance of visibility. (You be the judge.) Remember, it does not take much. Call a strategy session with yourself to determine what is realistic, logical, doable and affordable.

Which one defines you? In the interest of time and simplicity, as we move through and out of this current conundrum, you will fall into one of two categories.

  1. You will remain in business, finding new ways to serve your clients while making a living doing so. You will find “new” ways to rekindle your enthusiasm.
  2. You will arrive at the realization that your work has become too much like work, and you will decide that “enough is enough” and throw in the towel.

Which one of the above options best describes you?

Today’s Lesson: Do not allow familiarity to lead you down the wrong path. Stay alert. Stay vigilant. Stay confident.


Mike Marchev

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