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La Macchina Va Dove Vanno Gli Occhi


For those of you who speak Italian, you know exactly what I am saying today. ‘The car goes where your eyes go’ is the English translation as far as I know. This was a quote taken from the book The Art of Racing in The Rain. (A very good book as seen from the eyes of a dog.)

Today’s message focuses on your eyes. I can’t think of a more interesting topic when it comes to communication, confidence, relationships and personal positioning.

Your eyes can tell a story or paint a picture. They are very telling in addition to being pretty, or dull, or sparkling, or misty, or moist, or squinty. Not to mention their various colors: Blue, brown, green, gray, hazel, (black)… or sometimes one of each.


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The title of today’s article reminds us one usually follows the direction of your eyes. The head goes where the eyes go is another phrase that depicts the same message. Here are a few questions that might help you internalize today’s lesson:

  1. Are you looking down or are you looking out at the horizon?
  2. Do you see a bright future or are you tied to today’s doom and gloom?
  3. Do you see a glass that is half empty or half full?
  4. Is your current mindset conducive to spotting opportunities or problems?

That should be enough questions to have you thinking of your options.

I am not suggesting that you gloss over or ignore the daily challenges we are all facing day-to-day. These must be addressed and dealt with in a timely fashion. I am suggesting that you lift your head high and look people squarely in the eye. This, in and of itself, will position you as a self-confident and sincere person of interest.

Your eyes lead the way; so, starting today, make sure that “your car” is going exactly where you want it to go. La Macchina Va Dove Vanno Gli Occhi.



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