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You are probably asking yourself what kind of sales tip is “Read Daily?” The answer is this: It is a great tip and one worth a lot more than just two words.

If a truck was barreling down on you and you were not looking, and I yelled, “LOOK OUT!” How valuable were those two words to your future? I would like to think very valuable. Just two words but they carry a significant amount of advice.

Similarly, “Read Daily” may sound elementary but these two words could very well spell the difference between an average existence and an exemplary life.

I suppose reading a good mystery is better than watching reruns of Friends, but that is not what I am suggesting. What I would like to see is you Googling your specialty every morning and enhancing your knowledge on your chosen subject for at last fifteen minutes a pop.

I am also not suggesting that you read just to check-off the assignment for the day. Your goal in the next few months is to become very knowledgeable on your subject… more so than your competitor. I want you to be the one to go to when it comes to XYZ. This won’t result by accident. Of course seminars, webinars, workshops and conferences will contribute to your knowledge base. But not by attending. By listening and watching intently with a specific objective in mind.


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But these “go-to” events are periodic at best. Reading is within everybody’s grasp and is worth developing into a morning habit.

There is a popular saying that reminds us that, “We will be the same person we are today a year from now, except for the books we read and the people we hang out with.” I can’t influence your ability to socialize, but I can urge you to watch a little less TV and read a little bit more about your profession.

And, while I have your attention, here is another scrap of food for thought.
“The person who does not read is no better off than the person who cannot read.” Think about it.


Mike Marchev

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