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Target Your Prospects


In sports, a common recommendation is to “keep your eye on the ball.” I suppose this is just another way to remind the competitor to “focus.”

One certainly does not simply step into the batter’s box and begin swinging the bat at random. Quite the contrary. He/she steps in and makes it a point to position their feet comfortably and exactly the designated distance from the inner edge of the plate. They make sure their shoulders are loose and relaxed and they swing the bat back and forth gently to become acquainted with the feel of motion. Next comes bringing the bat back into the “cocked” position as they prepare to “pull the trigger” at exactly the right moment… once they decide the pitch is worth swinging at.

While all this preparation is taking place the batter’s eyes are staring right at the object they intend to hit once the trigger is pulled.

It has been said that one of (if not THE) most difficult athletic skills is to hit a baseball traveling over 90 miles an hour in your direction and moving in a non-linear fashion. This takes, skill, concentration, body control, mental acuity, and a huge amount of eye-arm coordination. The only way to become successful at hitting a baseball is by keeping your eye on the target.

I was getting carried away there reliving my glory days. As all ex-athletes know, “the older we get, the better we were.” But, I digress.


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What does a baseball have to do with you and your business? Nothing, now that I think of it. But just like a batter keeps their eye on the targeted baseball if they wish to become successful, so it is in building your client base. You MUST select a prospect and designate them as your short-term “target,” if you want to make any inroads with them.

Don’t tell me you want to sell more. Don’t simply say you could use more business. Identify your “exact” target and tell me you want to get to know and start a business relationship with Mr. Jack Smith, the owner of the florist shop down on Main Street.

Once you become more specific when identifying your personal “targets,” you will find meaningful ways to get the job done.

Too many selling agents take the buckshot approach and just “spray and pray.” You are wiser than that. From now on, you will identify your target audience by name and progress accordingly.


Mike Marchev

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