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Today Is Monday. How Do You Feel?


Very few people fail to equate the letters TGIF with a celebratory feeling of delight and euphoria. After all, aren’t Friday’s known the world-over as the end of another work week and reason enough to let loose, to revel in the thought of two days to “live-it-up” or “turn-it-down.”

Years ago, I spotted the folly in this line of thinking. Friday is just a single event in a seven-day sequence of time, segmented into 24-hour periods that pass as the sun rises and sets. In truth, it is nothing more than smoke and mirrors attempting to have us all believe that we have all the time in the world to sculpt a worthwhile existence. TGIF (Thank Goodness It’s Friday) is an ear-torn slogan for losers.

The proper sequence of letters should read TGIT… Thank Goodness It’s Today. Wishing your life away, so you can celebrate another Friday, makes little sense. Every day is a new day with a fresh page to accomplish more, solve more, fix more, establish more, and enjoy more. Personally, I can use all the days I can get to make positive strides in this direction.

Let’s zero in on the one-day depicted in the title of today’s article, Monday. Don’t you love it when you ask somebody how he or she is feeling and their knee-jerk response is, “I guess alright for a Monday.”

Wait a second. Are you telling me that your mental health is dictated by the calendar? If it says Monday, you are just okay. If the calendar says Friday, you become excited. (This phenomenon is beginning to sound a lot like Pavlov’s Dogs). If it says Saturday, you are in heaven. If it says Sunday, you start getting bummed out because… Monday is coming.


Pavlov found, using a bell as a signal, that dogs would begin to salivate when they knew that their food was on the way. Humans, watching the calendar, begin to salivate when they know that Friday is coming. Ding!


Because my job is to help people, (nothing more and nothing less,) I don’t have to go to work, I get to go to work. And that, my friends, is an exciting place to be. But, I have some news for you. You are in the exact same position. You are in business to help people. You get to help people. Helping people is fun. Helping people is rewarding. Helping people is not hard work.


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So the next time you are asked how you are doing on a Monday, I trust your answer will sound something like, “I feel great. I couldn’t wait for the weekend to pass. I’m now back in the game. I’m back in a position where I can help people.”

And speaking of helping people, there are just two types of people I come in contact with… those I can help …. and those I can’t help. Most people insist on making their business harder than it has to be. You are one of two types. I can either help you or I can’t.

I would like to find out what category you fall into. Ask for details about my Inner Circle. My experiences can either help you succeed, or not. Let’s find out.

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