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We all need to disconnect from time to time, here’s how I do it!

I’m guilty!  Every now and then I look at my life and realize that I am very well connected.  Not so much in a networking manner, but in a gadget and technology way!  Every day I  turn to emails, social media, and chat messengers for daily communications. Often I seem to prefer that to any face-to-face (or voice-to voice) method of communication. Might you be as connected as I am?

Like you, most of my work is online. Especially now in a COVID world, I am Zooming, texting, emailing, updating, reserving, and doing more and more online than ever before.

In my downtime, I surf interesting sites, watch streaming movies, and get sucked into the black hole that has become Facebook. Even when there is nothing to do, my first reaction is to go online and find something interesting.

When the tech became available it was fantastic. I am reachable 24-7, 365. But then I discovered that that level of connectivity was killing my productivity (and I have written about that a few times).

As a result, I have reached back into my parenting handbook and give myself a time out. A tech time out!

Part of my time out is to walk away from the tech that is sucking up my time. I pack a paper to-do list, a notepad, and my thoughts. I might sketch out some upcoming outlines for blog posts or update my marketing plan or do some blue ocean thinking about my business.

Know what needs to be done online and stick to it.  How many times have you been reading a fascinating article and three clicks (and 30 minutes) later you are swimming in some unrelated issue? Make a list. I am logging on to update my blog. I am going to go online to make a video to put on the YouTube channel. You get the idea. And then when you are done–log off!

Online content will always be there. Just ask anyone that has had a tweet from a decade ago come back to haunt them. Don’t worry about it–you can always go back to the content when you are online. A good tip is an old-fashioned pad and pen–jot the topic down and visit it when time allows!

Change up your environment. I am a fan of getting away from my desk. It might be something as simple as working on the back deck or a coffee shop.  Eliminate the temptation.

Drop the work. We simply cannot work all the time. It may seem like it at time, but take that break. There are some great books out there (the ones with pages…printed with ink) and a few great ones coming out soon. had to your local Barnes & Noble and pick one up and relax.

And finally, before I return to my connected life, I update my to-do list for my online life. That way, as I fire up the laptop again, I have a clear idea of what I need to accomplish.

Take that break. It might be every month…or every day. Find what works for you and keep to it. And when you do I bet you see a boost in that productivity that you have been losing and a greater focus on the things that matter!


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