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Why Are Your Training Wheels Still On?


“We can’t escape fear. We can only transform it into a companion that accompanies us in all our exciting adventure; it is not an anchor holding us transfixed to one spot.”

– Dr. Susan Jeffers, Feel the Fear… and Do It Anyway

Training wheels cut the risk of falling off a bike. They provide little kids a sense of safety and confidence.

Riding a two-wheeler requires knowledge of pedaling, braking, and balancing. Most kids know when it’s time to lose the extra set of rear wheels and fly solo. The skill set has been achieved and a whole new journey of adventures are around the corner!



In the business world, adults use training wheels while learning to master a new discipline. The spare wheels provide a sense of safety and confidence as we expand our professional horizons. Falling off a bike in business could mean losing clients, money, and brand integrity (potentially more hurtful than scraping a knee). It is best to prepare.

Most adults know when it’s time to lose the training wheels and fly solo. With a new skill set achieved they pivot from practice to performance. Perfection may not be realized out of the gate so they learn, adapt and raise the bar for the next journey.

It’s rare to see adults going out for a bike ride with training wheels on. It’s not so rare to see adults on the job with training wheels still attached. Perhaps they haven’t yet mastered the skill set they seek.

Training wheels left on unnecessarily tend to slow us down. Performance can’t possibly hit expectations (unless the bar was set low from the start). I am convinced, however, that a truly ambitious person who is eager to master a new discipline is in it to win it.

But, the training wheels stay on for some because they have talked themselves out of achievement. To our colleagues and to ourselves in the mirror we say I’m just not ready yet.


The fear of falling (aka failing) wins.

Or, could it be fear of succeeding?


I know plenty of incredibly gifted business people who would experience significantly stronger results without the drag of training wheels. They stay in a state of perpetual training even when there is nothing more to learn or practice.

Have I struck a nerve with you dear readers? What’s on your vision board that you’ve been in-training mode for far too long? You have the world’s permission to take off your training wheels! YOU ARE READY! May your new journey be filled with glorious success and happiness!



Stuart Cohen, Chief Motivation Officer at StuartLloydCohen.com

If you can think big, Stuart will help you do big! An accomplished 28-year travel industry executive turned serial solopreneur, Stuart is a creator of brands and an energizing motivational speaker. He motivates & maximizes personal performance in leadership, entrepreneurship, salesmanship & wellness.

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