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Make More Mistakes


Today’s message calls for a little clarification. It is my opinion, and general observation, that people are becoming more boring by the minute. Your job then becomes making certain that you don’t come across like you are marking time between now and the hereafter.

In an otherwise “vanilla” environment, people are attracted to others who are look alive, energetic, and happy — who have ideas and crazy notions about life — and who have kind things to say about others. Read the rest of this entry »

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Emerald Waterways has opened its books on the 2021 Russian river cruise season. Sailings will feature a newly chartered river-ship, the recently refurbished MS Nizhny Novgorod, built specifically to sail Russia’s waterways including Europe’s longest river, the Volga.

Featuring two itineraries, sailings onboard the MS Nizhny Novgorod begin in May 2021 and are available for booking now. Read the rest of this entry »

Silence is Not Your Enemy


I once underlined this sentence in a book I was reading titled How to Deliver a TED Talk by Jeremy Donovan. I feel it is a message worth repeating today.

You have probably heard me say more often than not, “Don’t speak unless you can improve upon the silence.” I remind myself of this suggestion more than I like to admit.

But today I want to focus on the ums, ohs, and “as-I-saids.” Read the rest of this entry »


It’s hard not to be political these days. Historically, travel business journals have tried to steer clear of politics, saying it’s just about business. It’s difficult to do that now.

It was Pericles, the longest-lasting leader of the Golden Age of Athenian democracy around 400 BC, who said, “Just because you do not take an interest in politics doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

Indeed, somehow politics has found its way into the issue of wearing masks to stop the spread of COVID-19. Read the rest of this entry »

Make Hay While The Sun Shines


I was reminded of this mindset while out on a 42-mile bike ride yesterday morning, while training for a competition in Memphis in October. This particular race involves three events covering a total distance of 70.3 miles. It is called the Ironman 70.3.

Six months ago, in a moment of weakness, I figured since it was half the full Ironman distance of 140.6 miles (which I lived to tell about) this one would be a “piece of cake.” I forgot to figure in the fact that my legs where 23 years younger when I accepted that initial challenge. Read the rest of this entry »

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The luxury small ships such as those owned by Azamara, Crystal, Oceania, Paul Gauguin, Ponant, Hapag-Lloyd, Regent, Seabourn, Silversea, and Windstar are safer from Covid-19 than any other cruise vessels. Carrying 150-1300 guests, these are the new crown jewels of cruising because they can meet most of the European Union’s new “suggested” standards for cruise ships nearly immediately. Read the rest of this entry »

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The Ancient Sites and Artifacts of Cairo


One of the largest cities in Africa and the Middle East, Cairo is in a class of its own. Located on the Nile River, the atmosphere is one of ancient meets modern. A place where donkey carts share the roadway with cars. Egyptians call it Umm Ad Dunya, meaning ‘Mother of the World’. Travelers will call it an eye-opening experience. Read the rest of this entry »


Today’s reminder stems from a conversation I had this past weekend with my college fraternity brother, during a socially distanced stay at his lake house in upstate New York.

He began sharing with me an ongoing situation he has been having with his neighbor ever since he moved in. I won’t bore you with the specifics but, suffice it to say,  his neighbor sounds like somebody I might classify as a “slug.” For those of you who take umbrage with my selection of words from time to time, I will say for you that he appeared to be a “less-than-squared-away” human being. Read the rest of this entry »

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Patience and Leadership

Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.” –Brian Tracy

I believe in patience. Without patience, we live with a constant irritation about too many of life’s roadblocks. The sage Anonymous once said “Patience is not the ability to wait, but the ability to keep a good attitude while waiting.

Read the rest of this entry »

Full Steam Ahead!

I am sharing this quote from a book I once read a few years back. I think with so many dreams being put on hold these days it may be worth spending a few minutes dissecting.

“Learn from the past, plan for the future, and live in the present. In other words: Live your vision now.”

– Full Steam Ahead! by Ken Blanchard and Jesse Lyn Stoner, page 101

Let’s break this quote down into separate parts. I would like to start with the concept of having a vision. Read the rest of this entry »

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OK, so the title may be a bit melodramatic, but in some senses it is true.  As nations across the globe have found ways to control the COVID-19 virus, it seems that America is behind the eight ball here and other nations, quite simply, do not want Americans bringing in the virus again. And I can’t blame them. But…. Read the rest of this entry »

Is Your Business Worth Saving?


Today, I am trying something NEW in my column. Part one is for you to read the following text. Part two requires you to email me to receive my FREE Special Report explaining the method behind my madness. Let’s see how this idea flies. It depicts a strategy in motion, as well as providing valid information on how to save your business.

First, a personal note from me.

Allow me to prevent you from making the biggest mistake of your business life. Read the rest of this entry »

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Let me add a bit more colour and excitement to your Friday with an invitation to spend some time at this week’s Virtual RHS Flower Show at Tatton Park near Chester.

Then, take your imagination for a stroll through some exhilarating YouTube experiences with jousting at 11th century Arundel Castle, Tudor England at the Shakespeare Houses in Stratford upon Avon, and the re-enacted 11th century Battle of Hastings. My final stories outline a “travel less, see more” tour of ancient England with the great waterfront city of Portsmouth as the hub. Read the rest of this entry »

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AmaWaterways has resumed operations in Europe with a series of charter sailings onboard AmaKristina in Germany with local guests. As the first U.S.-based river cruise line to resume sailings, the company continues to welcome guests while implementing newly enhanced health and safety protocols on board. Read the rest of this entry »

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Are you getting to hate the word ‘pivot’? Months ago, it sure seemed like the perfect COVID word. Now, it just seems overused! The bottom line is that the word is perfect, yet it’s messaging effect is getting overlooked. What can we do now to “pivot” without calling it pivoting? Read the rest of this entry »


NEWS FLASH! I can tell when I am number 345 on your database, even though you begin your email with my first name… “Hi Mike!”

Please do not get me wrong. I have all the toys and I love playing with them. I am the first one to check my emails while exiting an airplane and sending the latest gizmo whammy by FTP up to my website. But after reading this article again, I think that I am going to sit right down and write somebody a letter, with a pen… on paper and stick it in an envelope… and write from my heart… and lick the stamp myself. Read the rest of this entry »

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Back in April, I predicted the North American travel industry would emerge from this pandemic about the same size as it was 20-25 years ago.  The biggest indicator is the cruise industry, where in the last 30-days, three smaller cruise lines have filed bankruptcy and the large lines are shedding older tonnage like a golden retriever in springtime.

International travel is at a virtual standstill, with no end in sight.  Everyone has been suggesting that travel would resume late 2020 or early 2021.  A number of people, myself included, are having serious doubts as to the viability of this. Read the rest of this entry »

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Our contributor, Steve Frankel, is one of the first travel advisors to complete a five-course certificate program in Epidemiology taught by the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University.

According to CNN, which developed this graphic, April Fool’s Day had a special meaning this year: It was about the date that European Union redoubled its efforts to control the Covid-19 pandemic, and the United States shifted its focus to “rebuilding the American economy and restoring our quality of life.” Read the rest of this entry »

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Sky Bird Travel & Tours

Sky Bird Travel & Tours is an award-winning airline consolidator who has served as a top resource for all types of travel agents since 1976, committed to connecting its clients with the lowest net fares from nearly 100 airline partners. Because of the close relationships Sky Bird has with the world’s best airlines, travel agents find incredible airfare deals for clients while simultaneously securing higher commission by choosing their own markup. Read the rest of this entry »