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An Explanation of The Term “Kaizen”


I can’t remember being this excited about sharing my thoughts on any one particular topic in a long time. Your life could be on the verge of changing for the good. Fast. Easy. And soon. It all started for me at my kitchen table while reading the morning paper. My wife showed me a book review of One Small Step Can Change Your Life: The Kaizen Way, written by Robert Maurer, Ph.D.

Since I often remind seminar attendees that Olympic Gold is usually won by thousandths of a second, the concept of taking small steps to achieve goals was not new to me.

The Japanese might have given it its name, Kaizen, but what it involves is simply continuous improvement. Taking small steps toward a desired goal is the key. All one needs to do is identify little things and make small improvements to each one. It is a beautiful, non-intimidating mind-set. And it works. Because it is easy.

But where can Kaizen behavior help you? Let me count the ways.

Whether you want to clean the attic, garage, closet or the trunk of your car, just the thought of it probably gives you a little stomach acid. As a result, these cleaning chores are postponed indefinitely.

This behavior can be yesterday’s news, if you subscribe to the Kaizen approach. Stop worrying about cleaning anything. All you have to do is pick up one book that is lying on the floor and put it back in its place. The next time you pass the closet, pick up or rearrange one garment. When in the garage, put a screwdriver back in its holster. Take small, non-intimidating steps. You will soon be amazed with your progress.

Kaizen is a term that means “incremental.” Since I read the book, I changed my thinking dramatically. I used to find myself putting off chores until I had enough time to start and finish them in one go. This habit fueled the poor habit known as procrastination.

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Kaizen works for just about everything. Take healthy eating for example. You do not have to give up French fries cold turkey once you endorse the Kaizen philosophy. Not all at once. Your brain will turn against you and, you will lose every time.

Here is what I suggest you to do. Order the fries. Then, before you begin chowing down, throw a single potato away… just one. Then, eat the rest as planned. The next time you order fries, throw two sticks away before eating. Get the idea? Small steps. Big difference.

Soon you will be looking at just two French fries, and you will decide these two morsels are not worth the two bucks you paid for the.

How about exercise? Same thing. You are not about to jog for 60 minutes on the treadmill coming out off the couch initiating your new exercise program. To get things rolling, stand on the treadmill for one minute. On day two, stand for two minutes. On day three, stand for 60 seconds and walk for 60 seconds. I hope you agree that this is non-intimidating no matter who you are. Day-by-day, step-by-step, you will soon be working up a sweat while enjoying the process.

The Kaizen approach is simple, effective and easy. It worked for me and it will soon be working for you.


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