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Full Steam Ahead!

I am sharing this quote from a book I once read a few years back. I think with so many dreams being put on hold these days it may be worth spending a few minutes dissecting.

“Learn from the past, plan for the future, and live in the present. In other words: Live your vision now.”

– Full Steam Ahead! by Ken Blanchard and Jesse Lyn Stoner, page 101

Let’s break this quote down into separate parts. I would like to start with the concept of having a vision. In order to live your vision, you must first have a vision. To simplify this message, let’s think of a vision as nothing more than a dream.

I think many of us don’t take the time to define our dreams. We get caught up in the daily rush of putting out fires or feeling sorry for our current lot in life. And, you must agree with me, that today we have a whole bunch of “stuff” that just isn’t conducive to seeing our dreams to fruition.

Take a moment to think about where you would like to be a year from today. Picture in your mind and clearly focus on how you will feel having achieved this “dream.” Keep smiling. Now all you have to do is do what needs doing to make it a reality. List the steps… do it now.

Why is your past important? Although the past is clearly yesterday’s news, the ups and downs experienced along the way have everything to do with how you handle yourself going forward. I don’t want you to get bummed about all the mistakes you’ve made up to this point. They have served as important milestones. Learn from each one, but continue to keep your eyes focused on your dream.


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The fact that you can focus on a worthwhile outcome should be enough to keep you motivated for a while. That is why your dream has to be something meaningful to you and worth achieving. Otherwise it will just become another “flavor of the month” fad and will soon be nothing more than an afterthought. (Bogus New Year’s Resolutions come to mind.)

The key however, (the answer… the “magic bean”) lies in your day-to-day activities. It is what you do and what you master in the present that will eventually lead you to your dream/vision.

The problem may be that you have not identified a meaningful, clear vision. This is the first step. Then you must keep your eye on the target, learn from your past mistakes, and work everyday to enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Sure, we all have been hit in the stomach with Covid-19 and all the uncomfortable offshoots of this ugly virus. But we mustn’t stop dreaming. We can’t stop moving on the direction of our dreams. Day by day. Full steam ahead.


Mike Marchev

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