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Get Known


If people are not aware of your existence, they cannot possibly decide to do business with you. This, in high-end marketing lingo is referred to as a “no-brainer.”

I suppose if I have to admit it, this is where traditional marketing gambits come into play. From advertising to direct mail, from trade shows to monthly newsletters, these are the ways entrepreneurs choose to become recognized… and to get “known.”

Getting known, becoming visible, and staying visible over time is a key element in today’s quest to position ourselves and our companies as the go-to source.

Becoming more visible is the first step toward becoming more memorable.

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Once your targeted audience becomes aware of your existence, however, your job is far from over. It becomes your responsibility to make certain they do not forget you. Never have six small words carried so much truth: “Out of sight – out of mind.”

Said another way, it is in your best interest if your desired audience remembers you over time. This can be considered a blinding flash of the obvious, but you would be surprised how many companies allow this little truth to slip through the cracks.


Bottom Line: Get known – Stay known.


Mike Marchev

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