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Make Things Happen


Many of you are not going to like what I am about to say today. The word ”Make” implies that in order to succeed you have to do something. (What were you expecting? A magic pill?)

Of course you will have to DO something if you want something to happen. I’ll give you another golden nugget. If you want something different to happen, you will have to do something differently.

Here is where your personal skills and strengths come into play. This is where you actually have to “perform.” But let’s keep this in perspective. Once you determine what it is you do well, and more importantly what you enjoy doing well, it won’t come as such a chore. Helping people should not come with much pain attached. And that is all you are trying to do.


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There are many ways for you to make things happen. You can call, write, post, visit, invite, orate, initiate, orchestrate, attend, watch, and participate to name just a few of your many options.

Start by asking two questions: (1) What do I like to do? (2) What am I good at? Chances are your answers will be the same. You now know a logical direction to follow.

But knowing is not doing. You must make it happen by doing. And here is some more unsettling news. You must “make” your future happen. Ready? Set? Go.


Mike Marchev

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