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Making People Feel Glad


Today’s word is Glad.

I once read that there are four types of emotions: Glad, Sad, Mad, and Scared. Three of these have no place in marketing, but the word glad immediately grabs your attention. Getting people to feel “glad” is a worthwhile endeavor and is the name of the game.

Glad is a good place to be. Glad is the outcome you are seeking. Make others feel glad.

How does “Glad” happen? Let me list a few ways:

  1. When you make me feel appreciated, I become glad.
  2. When you make me feel welcome, I become glad.
  3. When you make me feel smart, I become glad.
  4. When you make me feel like I contributed, I become glad.
  5. When you make me feel like I made the right decision, I become glad.
  6. When you make me feel like my hard work has paid off, I become glad.
  7. When you make me feel a part of a winning team, I become glad.
  8. When you make me feel like a winner, I become glad.
  9. When you recognize me, I become glad.


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There are undoubtedly many other examples, but I am confident that you are seeing where I am going with this with just nine examples. Take a moment to list a few more glad-producing strategies that immediately come to your mind.





You now have an even dozen with some buy-in of your own.

Pick one: Mad, sad, glad or scared. I know the word I picked.


Mike Marchev

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