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Ah! It always circles back to “you” doesn’t it?

Let me give you a small assignment and ask you a few questions: Go take a look at yourself in the mirror.

  1. Would you like doing business with you?
  2. If you were not you, would you refer others to you?
  3. Do you like you?
  4. Are there opportunities for you to become a better you?
  5. It is their luck day when prospects make your acquaintance?
  6. Or do you subscribe to Groucho Marx’s famous positioning statement:
    “I would never consider joining a country club that would consider having me as a member.”


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On the subject of “you,” I will simply ask you, “Are you done with you yet, or do you feel you could use a little more education, practice and personal development. As a former NFL All-Pro Lineman Merlin Olsen once shared, “If I am not practicing and my competitor is, when we meet they will beat me.”

Are you preparing yourself daily to become unbeatable? If not, why not?

Are you the best you that you can possibly be? If not, you have some more work to do.

I will conclude with just 12 words: Get up. Get out. And make more people glad they know you. These 12 words when strung together provide all the direction you will ever need.


Mike Marchev

Mike Marchev is always looking for a few more proactive travel professionals to join his Sales and Marketing Club. Send for details.

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