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Your Chattering Monkey


Today’s message borders on the “just a little whacky” side of business advice. What I am referring to as the “chattering monkey” is that little voice in the back of your head that keeps reminding you of your inferiority.

The only area you can challenge me on today’s message is the use of the word “little.” It happens to be a loud, shouting, obnoxious voice that only you can hear, but you can hear it loud and clear. The shame is that you (we) actually listen to it and give it credence.

It is the voice of doubt, warning, fear, hesitation, past negative events, memories of embarrassment or in-your-face rejection. Your little voice surfaces both night and day reminding you, “You can’t do that. Remember when… What if… Don’t be silly.”

Everybody hears a monkey. Some monkeys chime in more often than others. This may be the result of one’s gene pool, your upbringing, the crowd you pal around with, or your failure to celebrate positive results throughout your journey.

I believe (and have found personally) that the best way to silence this little critter is to overwhelm him/her with some upbeat happening, proactive, potentially fun and exciting action. It is amazing how a little success can elevate your self-esteem.

I am reminded of a quote I heard recently from a former Masters Golf Champion. It was his opinion that the “The winner on Sunday will not be the golfer who played it safe. He will be the one who takes risks and shoots for the pin.” (Hidden Message: In the competitive travel industry, he/she who plays it safe will not be the one cashing the next big commission check.)

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Your “monkey” isn’t telling you something you haven’t already thought of yourself. It is simply reminding you over and over again of the same old negative baggage. And that is exactly what you don’t need to hear.

Tell the little fella to “back off” before you recognize and focus on your many positive options. Give weight and some thought to the possibilities. Remind yourself of what got you this far in life. Smile at your “monkey’s absurdness. Take a few practice swings. And then shoot for the pin.

Once your monkey sees how brave and really cool you are, he/she will realize their input is falling on deaf ears, as you showcase a revitalized bounce in your step.


Mike Marchev

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