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Bad News Travels Fast!

What is it with bad news? Every news channel features less than positive stories as their main focus, and then they beat it to death. While pondering this question the other day, I recalled an experience of mine worth repeating.

I remember sitting at a conference table with an event planner. In the first 20-seconds of our meeting, an event held earlier that day was referenced and the name of a florist for that event was mentioned. BANG!

The event planner said, and I quote, “Perhaps I shouldn’t say this, but the florist in question is the absolutely worst one I have ever seen. Just awful.” I responded with, “Perhaps you shouldn’t candy-coat your opinion. Can you tell us how you really feel?”

Based on the two quotes above, I hope I am making today’s message clear. If not, let me net it out:

“If you screw up, it will get around… fast, quickly, pronto, expeditiously, with godspeed… often without an asterisk, or your side of the story attached.”

It may even end up as “interesting” pass-along fodder on today’s social media scene. Who knows?

Bottom Line:

  1. If you are not damn good at what you do, get damn good.
  2. Double and triple check your work.
  3. Re-read #’s 1 & 2.

Bad news is not buried with the deed. It has a shelf life, which probably is embellished with a little creative license to make it even juicer as time unfolds.

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The truth (and unfortunate reality of the situation) is that as one-sided and opinionated as a negative testimonial might be, readers do not feel it is their obligation to check the facts or endorse the statement as being fictitious and unfair.

Most people have better things to do with their time. They will simply heed the comment before searching for a different florist.

If (I say if) you do screw up (and chances are you will long before the Mets win another World Series), you better fix your goof ASAP with a great deal of sincerity and then fix it some more.

It takes months and even years to land a new account, but only milliseconds to lose one. Unfair? Maybe. Reality? Absolutely.

As former NFL great Merlin Olsen once said, “If I am not practicing, and my competitor is, when we meet, they will beat me.”

You can take this quote to the bank. If you are not practicing your trade daily, start practicing your trade daily.

Mike Marchev

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