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Go Fish!

“Chivas regal and Johnny Walker started preaching the choir in campaign aimed at scotch lovers.”

This headline grabbed my attention not long ago.

The gist of the article is ”fish where the fish are.”

According to the quote above, there appears to be an intense competition going on between white spirits and brown spirits. This competition is heating up and apparently there is a need to change the strategy for selling more booze.

”Rather than remaining focused on stimulating demand among consumers who do not already drink scotch, campaigns are now getting underway concentrating on wooing consumers who already do.”

This is called swimming downstream and makes good sense to me. Sell cruises to people who already appreciate a good game of Bingo or like to dance the night away up on the Disco Deck. Sell lawn rakes to people who fail to see the value in hiring a gardener. Sell computers to people who already know how to reboot. Get the idea?

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Go with the flow. Swim downstream. Fish where the fish are. Pick the low hanging fruit first.

Why would you want to waste time trying to impress, explain, coerce, sell or control somebody who does not speak your language – when you could be bonding with someone who’s prepared and eager to benefit from your services?

You want to sell more scotch? Talk to scotch drinkers.


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