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Help your Clients Design their Next American Road Trip


With the Covid-19 pandemic persisting throughout this summer travel season and into the fall, many Americans have decided to social distance while hitting the road to rediscover America’s natural wonders. The road trip has long been an American past time and given the ongoing restrictions from the pandemic, a road trip that traverses America’s iconic wide-open spaces has become an essential experience in 2020 and will continue in 2021.

Travel professionals should be an integral part of planning their clients’ road trip journeys on Zoom or in person. Many Americans may think they know their own backyard well enough to do a simple Google search and book whatever accommodation or attraction pops up at the top of the results. But this approach often leads to disappointing and even frustrating results. Many booking sites that feature hotel “deals” may be offering non-refundable rates without even telling the consumer. Even more problematic, these sites are not always able to actually deliver a confirmation, especially within inventory challenged National Park areas, so the traveler may be dealing with a situation where there is no room for them to stay in upon arrival.

Given these trends, AmericanTours International (ATI) has leveraged its 40 plus years of experience in operating tours across America to create its state-of-the-art Drive America platform that makes it easy for travel professionals to design their client’s next road trip. (Here is a video interview explaining the new Drive America Platform). ATI has been a preferred supplier for the American and Canadian Automobile Associations (AAA and CAA) for over 15 years. In 2019, ATI serviced over 500,000 travelers across North America.

ATI works closely with destinations to create inspired itineraries that include accommodation, attractions, and all documentation via a mobile app, which makes it easy for Agents to recommend and then quickly book an unforgettable trip for their customers. Since many Americans would prefer to create their very own experience, the Drive America technology allows Agents to design their own tours from scratch and save them for future use.

While a typical one-week package for two adults and two children averages about $2000, trips with extended families and friends have become increasingly popular in recent months, giving agents the opportunity to book higher value commissionable packages of $10,000 and more.

ATI specializes in National Park area accommodations, including unique stays like in cabins and luxury tents, which are all bookable while building a Drive America package. With all of our accommodations and attractions contracted directly, ATI delivers not only unbeatable rates, but also a high level of service with our US based customer care team who are available 24/7. Watch a quick feature about our latest Drive America partnership with Zion and Bryce Canyon National Parks here.



So while many American travelers may not be able to cruise or fly overseas for the foreseeable future, travel professionals can still help them experience America’s great outdoors and wide open spaces with Drive America.


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