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You Have to Show Up

Once upon a time, a record Belmont Park racing crowd witnessed the biggest upset in Belmont stakes history as Saravas’s odds, at 70-to-1 upset the heavy favorite War Emblem. In doing so, Sarava put an end to another Triple Crown shoe-in. A two-dollar wager returned $142.50. This translated to a “nice day” at the track.

I love to read about upsets, and I find myself smiling when the underdog mounts the podium. This is what makes life worth living. Games worth playing. Businesses worth running.

70-to-1! Those were the odds that this unknown horse would win the Belmont. The smart money was on War Emblem. The celebratory wreath went to the fastest horse. Life doesn’t always unfold away the newspapers predict. Those “in the know” may not know as much as they think they know.

The good news is that your odds for success or a lot better than Sarava’s were.

The Message: Show up every day ready to run.

You say you can’t relate to sports? Or horseracing? You can go to the business section of your Sunday paper. See all the “smart” guys and gals who were supposed to win taking gas in those big prestigious companies.

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Big doesn’t mean diddly-squat these days. Favorites are not sure things. This is what makes life fun and worthwhile.

The winning formula, if there is such a thing, consists of just seven steps:

  1. Show up ready to play.
  2. Show up ready to adapt.
  3. Show up with a sense of fun.
  4. Show up expecting that you may get tossed around now and then.
  5. Show up and take a stand.
  6. Show up and work hard every day.
  7. Showing up. That’s the key.

You won’t always win, but you will never win if you don’t show up.


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