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You Must Like People


Today, I am going to introduce you another sales myth. Bare with me on this one since it may rub you the wrong way at first. You will soon be agreeing with me.

Many people preach that a primary prerequisite to becoming successful in sales is to “like people.” The implication is that you should have the innate capacity and desire to cozy up to just about everybody… or at least everybody with a bankroll in their wallet. I am not a fan of this postulate. Let me explain.

I have traversed the United States many times, worked in eighteen countries on five continents, and observed countless people on airplanes, in post office lines, at restaurants, toll booths, and department stores. I have watched people drive cars, run races, attend classes, and root for their kids at high school athletic programs. For over seventy years, I have watched people do just about everything people can conceivably do on this planet. (Well… almost everything.)

Here is what I have concluded: The world has its quota of boring, insincere, and negative people who I consciously choose to stay away from. More accurately stated, I don’t like them or what they stand for. And I don’t have any intention of entering their world or trying to change them.

On the other, I have met many fine, upstanding, fun, and creative human beings trying to creatively figure out how things work – while maintaining a refreshing sense of humor and appreciation for life itself. These people are the ones I want to be around, learn from, and even try to emulate. I like these people. I like the people I like.

So, let’s give this “you’ve got to like people” thing a different twist. If you want to minimize your stress, have more fun and earn more money. Begin spending more time looking for, and doing, business with people toward whom you have a natural attraction… people who are honest, hard-working, fun, intelligent, enthusiastic, and easy to be around.


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It does make sense, however, to take a little more time to understand people better. After all, many nice people just don’t know how to make a good first impression. It would be a shame for you to prematurely cross them off, simply because they are experiencing a bad hair day.

Where does it say you must do business with (or, what’s worse, seek business from) everyone who wants your service or product? That’s a myth. You may feel a little out of joint right now and be saying to yourself, “Is this guy saying that it is okay to be prejudiced?” No! Not at all. Take a deep breath and read the above again. I am saying that it is okay if you don’t do business with rude, unhappy, belly-aching whiners. That is all I am saying, and I will say it in a court of law if you insist on hearing it under oath.

If you are going to service people to the full extent of your capabilities, you might as well do it for people who appreciate your contributions. This alone will result in more energy and a positive attitude. And that, my friends, translates to a happier you enjoying more success.


Mike Marchev

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