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Do It! Marketing: Inbound Leads


Here is a quote from a book I read titled Do It! Marketing by David Newman.

“When it comes to responding to leads, the mantra is ‘Now Or Never’. Leads won’t wait. They are looking for a solution NOW.”

Regardless of the current condition of your business, leads are the key focal point when it comes to growing your business. Without leads, you have no direction. Without leads, you can become complacent and find yourself tending to your business as usual. Without leads, you can become lethargic and even boring. Yes, leads are the lifeblood of a growing business.

How does speed come into play? Once a lead enters the picture, an imaginary timer begins a countdown. It becomes imperative that you respond to your lead in an expeditious fashion. Remember the window of opportunity does not remain open for long.

There are too many options available to consumers today. They have little time or patience trying to empathize with your excuses.

I have found through experience that the first supplier to respond has a definite leg-up on the competition. Speed wins. Be the first to respond.

The reason you are contacted in the first place is because the prospect feels you are in position to help them. You are just one of many qualified options they can call or contact. You need to recognize this “gift” and take advantage of this clear sign of interest and respond accordingly… with alacrity.


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In most cases, the lead is seeking immediate gratification. They are reaching out for information and chances are their lack of patience will dictate their actions.

Leads won’t wait for you. They will cool with time. You do not have to allow this to happen. Remember the mantra cited above: “Now or never.”

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