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Multitasking: The Game of Fools


“Fools” may be too strong a word, but if it caught your attention – I might as well stick with it. There probably is a milder word but the subject of today’s article is “multitasking.”

In yesterday’s message, I quoted author Gary Keller with a reference to his book titled The One Thing. Today I want to share a second quote from the same author.

“With research overwhelmingly clear, it seems insane that – knowing how multitasking leads to mistakes, poor choices, and stress – we attempt it anyway.” – The One Thing

This topic has more flammability than any upcoming presidential debates. People in the travel industry (and in all industries for that matter) feel incredibly overwhelmed. They feel a necessity to keep a number of “balls in the air.” My advice is to leave the juggling act to the circus clowns.

I have heard all your excuses, and all ten thousand reasons why working on multiple assignments comes with the territory. Not unlike everybody else in this business, you have lots on your plate and lots more riding on your effectiveness.

That being understood, I maintain my observation that the only person who benefits from multiple activity proceedings is… nobody.
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My personal definition of multitasking is “screwing up a number of jobs all at the same time.” Nobody wins. Numerous people become upset. You take one more step toward the Looney-Bin and, worse yet, you risk losing your credibility and the confidence of your valued clients.

“Focus” is the word of the day, week, month, and year. Focus is what it takes to avoid mistakes. Focus leads to making good choices while minimizing your debilitating stress quotient.

My advice to you is to leave the practice of multitasking to the amateurs. Take one focused step at a time. Work on one itinerary at a time. Slow down. Do the right things right. Become more efficient. Make more money. Stay in business. Smile more. Be happy.

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