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Playing It Safe May Not Be in Your Best Strategy


My early experience with “failure” conjures up painful memories of my Little League Baseball years. At age nine, I was introduced to the agony of defeat without a single opportunity to enjoy the thrill of victory. That year the “Hawks” went 0-20, and that was the year our team learned that life was not fair. Unlike today’s losing teams, we did not receive a trophy for simply “showing up.” We watched our friends receive the accolades they appropriately deserved.

Without blaming our performance on a lack of skill or perhaps our poor competitive spirit, I think “failure” remains a sure-fire path to future success. I happen to be one who endorses failure as the quickest way to achieve pre-determined objective. The motto I have shared on more than one occasion is to use is, “Fail your way to success.”

But many adults shy away from the embarrassment associated with failure by avoiding challenges that may appear risky at best. The “safe” thing to do has always been to “fit in” to the establishment. To be a good “do-be.” How boring is that? And you call yourself an entrepreneur!

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The phrase that I thought of when reading this passage was “social acceptance.” Even at a young age we wanted to look like, act like, and be admired by our peers. At the time, we felt cool when we were considered a member of the in-crowd. Times have changed. Situations have changed. Normal behavior has changed. How to stay in business has changed.

Step away from the “same-ole same-ole” rank and file. Take your place in the fast lane. Take a risk. Roll the dice. Believe in yourself and your instincts. Be you.


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