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Stop Worrying and Hit the Ball


Just yesterday, I was browsing through my TV channels when I came across the US Open Golf Tournament. As I was saying to myself, “It is a shame there are no spectators,” I watched an unknown golfer strike his ball and watch it travel 28 feet before disappearing into the cup.

My mind then shot back to a book I once read by Bob Rotella titled Putting Out of Your Mind. I flashed back to a quote of his that said, “Your problem is that you’re worrying about speed instead of putting to make it.”

Let’s think about this.

The golf ball is not moving. It is still, and it is right in front of you. The hole is off in the distance, but you can see it from where you are standing.  All you have to do is take aim at the hole and strike the ball with the stick you are holding. How hard can it be?

But it is not that easy. Your mind clicks in, and all sorts of different information begins to fly through your head like a run away horse and carriage.

“Do this. Remember that. Not too far left. Not too hard. How is my stance? My grip? Should I wear a glove or not? What if I miss?” Blah… blah… blah. This is often referred to as mindless chatter.

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Stop worrying. There are only two types of putt: Putts that drop in the hole and putts that don’t. Hit the ball and find out which type you will soon be experiencing.

Message. Stop worrying. Do the appropriate diligence, do your homework, analyze the options and “pull the trigger.” I am kind of referring you adopt the philosophy, “READY – FIRE – AIM.  (But with a modicum of preparation.) Okay! You have read today’s message. Now, get up, get out, and make more people glad they know you.


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