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Today is Friday and I am going to take a little poetic license and do something I have never done in my column.

First of all, I titled my words today TGIF. This is something I never do since my favorite four-letter reminder is TGIT. This stands for Thank Goodness Its Today.

Waiting to celebrate a single day of the week is a game for fools. There, I said it.

The word Friday is just another way to identify one of seven precious time segments we have in each of our fleeting lives. Time waits for nobody and “today” is the day we have been waiting for. Let’s move on.

I want to direct you to a new project I am working on with Travel Research Online. It involves podcasting. This is an audio format of sharing useful information with people who are receptive to new ideas, tactics, strategies, and experiences. Mine is titled Mike’d Up Marchev and is now listed on Spotify, iTunes, Travmarketmedia, and soon to be other outlets. Take a peak and let me know what you think.

Now to the “first” to which I referenced in my first sentence above. This falls under the topic of Market Research. I have been writing this daily column for nearly five years. Now that I think of it I might be the original recipient of the affectionate title of “Wind Bag.” (I digress.) If you are reading this column right now (and you are reading this column right now) send me a quick, short, painless email so I know somebody is out there reading my “stuff.”

You would be surprised how much a little input means to people. Let’s expand on this thought. Starting today, if you are really serious about building your business, respond to those in your universe who are capturing your attention. Applaud their efforts and when appropriate, acknowledge their contributions to your life.


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The sad truth is that very few people take the time to do this and the upside of this simple courtesy is ENORMOUS. (HUGE!)

Recap: (1) Take advantage of every single day. (2) Adopt TGIT as your new mantra. (3) Listen and subscribe to my new podcast. (4) Take time to professionally respond to people.

Today happens to be Friday. Enjoy every second of it.


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Mike Marchev is always looking for a few more proactive travel professionals to join his Sales and Marketing Club. Send for details.

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