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What Now? What Next?


Regardless of how many years you have been in business and how experienced you may be, a periodic “whack-in-the-head” is sure to come your way. And it just may be exactly what you need. My most recent “whack” came last week, as I was asked to edit a client’s Special Lead Generating Report.

The piece was excellently written. Other than a few grammatical errors, my contributions were quite incidental. That was not the “whack” I am talking about. It came soon after the travel advisor shared his marketing strategy with me that I once again, “saw the light.”

Here is today’s message.

The particular agent in this story is measurably successful by anyone’s definition. He sells both high- and low-ticket items and has an envious referral record. In short, his business is working.

But this seasoned professional understands how the game of business works. Today’s good news is more often than not the result of a whole bunch of smart work performed in days past. One must continue “seeding and fertilizing,” if tomorrow’s crop is going to prove worth harvesting.

But in his case, he was wise enough to know that “a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.” Although he was writing a lead generating special report, he did not want to take any of his current clients for granted. He understood what “first thing’s first” meant. He had to solidify the current relationships he had with all his clients before setting out to acquire a new batch of satisfied customers. And here comes the “whack.”

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His plan of action was to grab the attention and initial interest of just five to seven new prospects a month. This would leave him enough time to care for his current clients, and still find time to follow up with his new batch of clients. Of those people indicating an interest in his special report, he would try to turn two into paying clients. In review: One Special Report – Five people raising their hand – two new clients.

BRILLIANT! This is very manageable. This is very realistic. This is very logical. This is very doable. This is very profitable.

Ladies and gentlemen, the lesson today is two-fold:

  1. Take care of your current customer list first.
  2. Create a future lead generating plan that can be implemented day-in and day-out, without you having to remortgage your house or give yourself a mild heart attack.

What now? Take care of your current client list.

What next? Implement a slow, manageable lead generation campaign.


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