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You Market For Tomorrow



This is not an isolated case. Your business is running like a fine Swiss watch, when out of the blue comes some unexpected input that sets you back on your heels. It could be a mechanical failure, a force of nature, a change in personnel, or a runaway virus. Regardless of the source, your wheels of progress were just derailed.

I was introduced to an unfortunate situation earlier today and the solution, albeit a tad too late, was obvious. The company in question had been riding favorable winds when all of a sudden it became apparent that they would soon be in for some rough water.

Yesterday, there was no need to market their services as their plates were full and the future looked rosey. Today, however, a lack of business caused a great deal of stress with knee-jerk ideas of how to calm the storm.

When your back is to the wall, the chances of a short-term favorable outcome are slim at best. Introductions take time. Relationships take time. Business takes time. As the old saying goes, “the best time to grow a tree was twenty years ago.” The best time to ensure your future was weeks, months, and years ago.

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Marketing can be thought of as “setting the table.” And as we all know, setting a table comes long before sitting down and enjoying the meal. So without exploring the many options of positioning yourself in your personal marketplace, I will leave you with the following thought.

Regardless of your current work flow and demands for your services it will serve you well to continue spreading the good word, while remaining visible among your designated marketplace.

Selling is for today. Marketing is for tomorrow.

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