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Your Business & USA Today’s Crossword Puzzle


Something has been on my mind for days, and today is the day I am going to get it off my chest. It involves the connection between a daily crossword puzzle and running a successful travel business. (Yes, as we age the mind works in funny ways.)

A few years back, I was introduced to the online version of USA Today’s Crossword Puzzle. It is the same one that appears in the daily paper edition. This was a new experience for me and, in the beginning, I found it very difficult to arrive at the correct solution for each clue. As a result, I opted for the “regular” version that notifies me immediately if I am making a mistake with red highlights.

I have noticed a few interesting occurrences over the years. I will read a clue and have absolutely no idea of the answer. I will turn to another clue and immediately know the correct answer. The first letter of my correct answer was all that I needed to put my thinking in the right direction to figure out the answer of the clue I previously had no answer for. (Did you follow that line of thinking?)

Sometimes I need two letters to solve the temporary conundrum. And on I go, each and every morning, letter-by-letter, word-by-word – until I smile with satisfaction knowing that I single-handedly accomplished another formidable “life-changing” task.

And so it is with our businesses. We often are presented with challenges that tax our knowledge and creativity. We appear lost until we receive a single clue in the form of some additional information. Then, as if by magic, we arrive at the correct solution and life goes on as planned.

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When you hit a roadblock in your business, think of it as an unknown puzzle clue. Don’t quit. Investigate other clues that are more familiar to you. I am betting that the link (or chain) will soon become obvious and, before you know it, you will be back on top of your game.

I realize today’s missive might have appeared a bit too far out in “left field” to you, but it made perfectly good sense to me. Let me hear what you think.


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