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You’re Okay!


You did not get this far by accident. Granted, today’s challenges are unprecedented but challenges, in and of themselves, are not new. We have come a long way over time, and we have always managed to overcome what seemed (at the time) to be insurmountable obstacles. Today is no different. We shall prevail.

I suppose today’s message can be summed up by reminding you: What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

The travel industry does not corner the market on this statement. As we both know, plenty of stuff happens in our business, and some stuff can be filed in the “Why Me?” folder.

Some stuff is down-right devastating, while other stuff just slides off your back. Some stuff stings, while other stuff makes you laugh and scratch your head in amusement. Bottom line: Stuff happens.

Nobody ever implied that life would or should be fair. Nobody said that your business is going to be hassle-free simply because you are one of the good guys. In fact, that is why you are in business… to help your clients get over, through, and around the rough spots.

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Nobody is as good as you are when it comes to the phrase “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”

If booking detailed travel itineraries was easy, there would be no need for you, your contacts, your experience, or your professionalism. You did not get this far in life by accident. Who you are today is the sum total of everything you have experienced along the way… both good and bad.

The result? You are okay. You are better than okay. You are good. You are real good. Now go out there and be real good.


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  1. Thank you, Mike, for continuing to inspire us with messages like today’s missive. You are awesome!

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