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A “Down-Time” Reminder

I am often asked where I get my ideas for my daily marketing column. My answer: EVERYWHERE.

Today, I find myself cooling my heels in a Honda Dealership in Yorkville, NY. There are some things that just don’t have to happen with a little planning… and discipline. (1) You do not have to get a speeding ticket. (2) You do not have to run out of gas. (3) You do not have to own a car that does not operate as designed.

As a result, I service my car as the book suggests, knowing I may be spending a tad more annually than I have to. I just don’t want to be bitten by the big three listed above.

Knowing what I do about car dealership reputations, I find myself lurking in a corner, masked up and paying attention to the service professionals as they pass through the sales department sharing a few lame jokes now and then. I have met many fine upstanding automotive professionals in my day, but by and large, I too approach them with a modicum of skepticism.

But that is not the topic of today’s message. Utilizing “down-time” is what I want to address today. With time being our most precious commodity, it make little sense to watch the second hand sweep around the dial without our blessing. Yes, sometimes doing nothing is therapeutic and is exactly what the doctor ordered.

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But, with most of us, down-time can be considered a blessing in disguise. Whether waiting for an oil change, a delayed flight to Chicago, a disturbingly late doctor keeping his appointment with you, or waiting for your significant other to aimlessly meander through the closest shopping mall, you have time to (1) review your latest proposal, (2) craft your next sales email, (3) draft an article you have been putting off, (4) return a phone call or two, (5) Google a series of potential group meeting locations, (6) delete outdated files from your laptop, (7) finally try your hand at USA Today’s Crossword Puzzle, (8) outline the chapters of that book you have always wanted to publish… and the list goes on.


With a modest dose of creativity, you too can eliminate the word “wasted time” from your vocabulary. Me? I am writing this reminder from the waiting room at Carbone Honda in Yorkville. I am planning to write five more before I check my blood pressure later today after seeing my bill for today’s work. (I was putting off buying a new pair of “shoes” for “Old Betsy” so four new tires just may put me over the top later today. I wonder if there will be a future article in there somewhere? Time will tell.)


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