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Are You Climbing Up the Wrong Ladder?

If you have been reading any of my daily articles over the last four years, you know I have a penchant for the “analogy.” (Comparison; similarity; equivalence between independent parts; a form of reasoning.) 

Today’s idea came to me while I was climbing to my roof to replace a few loose shingles torn by a recent windstorm.

You probably never stopped to focus on it, but ladders are potentially dangerous constructs. Notice how many “warning” labels are glued to the sides of your ladder. Just like Jim Croce recommended in song “not to mess around with Jim,” I’m telling you not to mess around with ladders. (But I digress.)

But ladders are both useful and needed when once you determine that your goal, or objective, or mission, or target is slightly out of reach. You select a tool to help achieve your purpose.

You lean the ladder up against a supporting wall and begin to climb. Step-by-step you position your foot on each rung, while always maintaining balance until you elevate yourself into a proper position.

NOTE: I failed to mention that prior to ascending, (1) you take the time to check and double check ensuring that the base of your ladder is firmly positioned and rock steady, and then (2) when possible, you have somebody help steady your ladder as you begin to ascend.

“Mike, enough already. Shingles. Roof. Ladder. What’s the bottom line?”

Okay, cool your jets. You’ve got my ladder scenario firmly embedded in your head about now. I want you to picture the ladder as a means to an end. Most of you already have your ladder in place and most of you are moving up in the right direction. But many of you have your ladder positioned on the “wrong wall.”


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You will soon get to the top, but it will prove to be the wrong top.

You may be climbing your own ladders hoping to achieve success. (In this case, your ladder represents your marketing plans.) But there is also a good chance that you have placed your ladder against the wrong wall. You are busy climbing, but in the wrong direction.

So, let’s net this out. (1) Select the RIGHT destination. Make sure you are pursuing a meaningful objective; (2) Choose the RIGHT tools, (ladder/marketing gambits) (3) Take each step one at a time while always maintaining your balance. (4) Be aware that any misstep could result in some serous discomfort.

(5) Don’t begin to climb until you are convinced you are on firm ground. (6) Don’t multi-task while climbing your ladder. FOCUS. CONCENTRATE. PAY ATTENTION to the task at hand.


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