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I Love It When a Plan Comes Together


One of the many truths I have learned throughout my 71 years of dancing and scratching my way to this point in time, is that everything has a flip side. I mean EVERYTHING. To give you just one example: “Haste makes waste,” is a phrase we all can come to terms with. But soon we are reminded, “He who hesitates is lost.” Total opposite beliefs.

Recently, I was confronted with a situation where I had to decide if the fall was a good time to plant a little grass – or if I should wait until springtime. I Googled the quandary and was soon confronted with two opposing opinions. One response suggested spring was the ideal time to green-up your front yard, while another endorsed the cooler autumn weather. This is what is known in the horticultural field as a “real conundrum.”

I decided to cast my fate to the wind and, before I knew it, I was preparing my designated plot with a mixture of topsoil and seasoned goat manure. The month was September and the first frost had come and gone.

I’m sharing this story with you for a couple of reasons. First, you will be inundated with opposing recommendations as you pursue a successful career. There never seems to be one correct answer. Pick one. As they teach us in golf, line up your putt, make a decision as to its projected roll, and hit the thing. If it does not drop into the hole, hit it again.

In my case, I Googled. I read both sides and made a decision. I tossed a billion seeds into the prepared ground.

To tie this back to business: I researched. I made a plan. I did something.

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Stay with me. This will all make sense in a minute or two. I knew that a billion seeds would not result in a billion blades of grass. But regardless of the outcome I knew my efforts to this point would all be in vain, if I did not follow through with some focused attention. A regular watering routine was in order. I began to water daily, only to see… nothing happened. I kept on watering. Nothing.

But then one day, if by magic, I spotted something that appeared to be a single blade of grass. It was green and it stuck straight up in the air. After focusing for a minute, my eye caught a second blade. Then a third. My plan was working. I was growing grass. My efforts were paying dividends. I was a horticultural genius. (Horticulturalist may be the wrong word. Maybe Landscaper Extraordinaire paints a more accurate picture.) Whatever you call it, I was in my element.

Let me get this thing out in the interest of time, so I can go outside and continue watering my budding lawn.

  1. You must prepare the groundwork.
  2. You must toss plenty of seeds knowing most will not germinate.
  3. You must follow through and continue to manage your project.
  4. You must keep on keeping on once you begin to see results.

As foolish as it may sound, I was genuinely excited when I saw my efforts paying noticeable dividends. My grass was actually taking root. I would have probably experienced the same results if I waited for the spring, but now I will be mowing my new project in May rather than still “thinking” about it.

Begin planting your seeds today and don’t lose hope.


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